Have you ever seen the rain melt a living tree?

…think of this: if pure, distilled water is so caustic that it has the ability to dissolve organized, living matter from inside our bodies, wouldn’t the pure, distilled rains also just absolutely dissolve all the forests down to the ground into a mush? And, especially so in places where it rains like crazy, like the RAIN forests! But what happens in those places?? The plants don’t dissolve from all that dangerous, caustic, pure water, no, no… they flourish! THEY BECOME MASSIVE!!

But when DO we see the rain melt trees?! When the trees have DIED, when they have lost their living, lighted, organized and ordered life force.

Now, YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY COUNT ON those pure rain waters just totally tearing up, rotting and dissolving those dying, darkened, disorganized and chaotic pieces of tree trunks, broken limbs and leaves.

So, in the face of all these people screaming to run away from the pure waters, just pause, let everyone breathe, and ask a simple question…

Have you ever seen the rain melt a living tree?


Another way to simply put it, since pure water only dissolves dead matter, is to ask…


As I responded to a friend who once wrote…

DISTILLED WATERS Q&A: “My name is Friend and I’ve listened to a bunch of videos about distilled water and its benefits but still there are so many nay-sayers. I was wondering, could you tell me why distilled water doesn’t leach the organic minerals from the body?”

Dear Friend,

Do I have to tell you why? Or can I just point it out for you and let you see for yourself?


Consider these two items, and how they get along in nature…

Rain and Plants.

Rain is a distilled water. …and… Plants are made of organic minerals.

Have you ever seen the rain melt or dissolve a living plant?

No, you haven’t.

In fact, quite the opposite, right? Plants spring alive with joy!

Silly naysayers…

Distilled water does not leach organic minerals.

If it did, living plants would melt in the rain.

Pure water only dissolves and disintegrates dead matter. Period.

It NEVER dissolves living matter.

Have you EVER seen pure water dissolve something which is living?

No, you only EVER see it dissolve dead matter.

Are you dead? No, you are living.


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