Sailboat Project

Join my Possible Boat Project

This 2010 41 foot catamaran was damaged by the huge hurricane that hit the Bahamas. It was not submerged, but knocked from its dry dock holding. The interior looks amazing still, it sleeps 8 easy, possibly 10 (using the settee).  

I am looking for help, and this could possibly be a life changing experience for us all. There will be a lot of fiberglass work to do, and refitting of the mast and rigging. Months of hard work. I can help you, and you help me. Spend some time away from it all, and share the experience with me. 

Anyone who helps for more than a week will have the opportunity to sail with me for a week or so, once the boat is restored. I will be documenting all of this and posting to a YouTube channel. You can be a part of that also if you like! 

Please use the contact form below if there is any interest.

Someone else who did what I am thinking seriously of doing...


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