I have had many requests for coaching (especially since the Lockhart tragedy in late 2019), all levels of health, wanting to improve. You do NOT have to want to be fully “breatharian” (we all are but do not realize it), or doing UT, but just be serious about improving your health. I have done it all and have many tips on how to overcome addictions, because I have done so.

Background: 13+ years of fasting experience, since 2008 (after a period of "Atkins" diet, not recommended, in 1998-2000, less than 10 carbs daily), 40 days in 2008, not a crumb of food was my first fast after a close to SAD diet complete with “energy” drinks (AKA “liquid crack in a can”), 2 week long urine only fast in 2014 and 2015, then in 2016, 4 months (March to July) with urine only, 99% UT and sips of juice every 1 or 2 weeks for taste (the final frontier in conquering cravings, IMO), then July 2016 to October 2016 95+% UT, and for the next 2 years mostly not eating with only UT, in 2018 tried dry fasting, built up to past 3 days by my 3rd one, which was 120 hours/ 5 days, had an extremely hard-earned transition to breatharian then, then started going to 8-9 days/ 200-ish hours “hard dry fast”, then 14 days "dry" in 2021 (doing these while fully active and very athletic, working/ sweating also during these "dry" periods), all this time since 2016 I have remained around 150lbs lean, 5’8” height, dipped into the 133lbs range during the first dry fasts before my body was used to them, and now I lose literally no weight (because there is almost no waste to shed now) when not drinking and eating because I hydrate via the lungs and air, and am “nourished” by the same. I do not have cravings for anything, just sometimes want to taste exceptional “no animal-product” food, usually raw. I have had my times of setbacks for sure, but they are the exception. My state is that of no needs, and I am active, run, CrossFit style workouts, difficult hikes, all while not eating or drinking, can do lots, never sick, ever, never weak, lazy or lethargic, loaded with life, and I am 51 according to the BS Gregorian calendar. We are meant to LIVE a LONG time, and I am going to prove it, if anything to myself, while loving all and enjoying the ride! In this way I have a freedom that very few know, but I am hopeful...

I do not accept all requests, because the person needs to be serious. It's a waste of their money, and a waste of my time, if not.

I do not sell you anything but you, your freedom, gained through health. Without that, the rest does not matter because your quality of life drops, and sometimes to the point where others have to take care of you. We have all seen/ see it.

I will not sell you herbs, tinctures, anything, only you.

All you have is Now...