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1 chapter of "Mans Higher Consciousness" by Hilton Hotema, who quotes mainstream science/ scientists, cellular biology.

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Carol T.
Carol T.Australia
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"I have received health coaching from Chris and have had such good results. He is incredibly supportive. It’s been a very positive experience for me. I can’t recommend him highly enough."
Sara T.
Sara T.USA
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“...I can certainly say you are a loving, caring being, with lots of experience and wisdom to share. Helping people is your mission and passion, for sure.”
Monica S.
Monica S.
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“I LOVE YOUR WAY OF COMMUNICATING 💝🤗🙏, very honest and straight forward, giving plain simple and concrete details of your journey. That to me is very inspiring and trustworthy. I congratulate you on having managed to conquer all major food addictions and attaining that amazing level of freedom you now live and enjoy! THAT'S WHAT MAKES A REAL HERO!!”
Jodee A.
Jodee A.South Africa
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“...You are amazing. Working tp overcome food addictions is so intense and the outcome second to none. Your learnings are priceless and everything I read I'm working to reprogram my mind. Going against the tide of society, being pioneers in our current day is beyond challenging. Thank you. Please send blessings my way and to all of consciousness to undertake this magical, beautiful lifestyle you lead. ❤❤❤❤”
Robin D.
Robin D.Netherlands
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“Wow so inspiring. I personally don't feel drawn to breatharianism. But as an open minded person it do find it fascinating. I wanna make it to being liquidarian. Just drinking my own water and fruit juice. And some distilled water here and there. Thanks for sharing your inspiring stories Christo. As an athlete it fascinates me like crazy and gives me lots of willpower to climb out of this hell of divorcing from cooked foods and even solid fruits. Thanks!!!”
Florian P.
Florian P.Germany
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“Hey Guys, I got to talk to Chris last Saturday Dec 7 and I'm on the fast for a week now. First of all, every little feeling of my body I couldn't define myself, Chris was there to help, explaining and giving me a even better feeling (without charging extra stuff 😂)! The other thing is, you will notice straight away by Chris talking to you how much honesty is stored up in this man, no bull shit at all! And the only thing he is selling to you is- his time, experience and help to listen an look into yourself and your pure self. I feel my body in a way I very rarely experienced it ever before. My mind is clear and sharp as fu... Of course you will have moments were you feel like crap, BUT you're aware of your body and will notice that good is happening and you're getting stronger every second. It's gonna change everything your body, every single Muscle, your mind, willpower and awareness. Believe in yourself, we're not done yet! All we have is now! Thanks Chris”
Jay K.
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“Because of you Chris M Manly I discovered UT, got the Armstrong water of life book PDF and started doing UT and will! Thank you!”
Tiago S.
Tiago S.UK
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“If you want intuitive coaching and trust that comes from a place of experience and wisdom, Chris is your man! Any worry or limiting belief that you might have, he smashes them just by talking to you! And even if you are not saying or forgeting something that's important to say, Chris has a way of knowing what to, how to and when to talk in a way that's inspiring. "The best investment you can do is in yourself!" Thank you brother! 🙏”
Karen K.
Karen K.USA
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“You are so motivating and encouraging. I’m looking forward to doing some extended fasts and complete lifestyle change after the holidays! Actually both me and my husband. We are committed. Thanks for all your wisdom. You’re helping so many people ❤️”
Asli T.
Asli T.Canada
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“He guided and supported me during my UT and dry fast. His passion for life, freedom and spreading the truth is unmatched. Definitely destined to achieve great things. If you are ready to unlock your potential, Chris can help you locate your key - which is inside of you.”
George S.
George S.USA
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“I see you as an inspiration brother. You prove to everyone we don't need as much food as we've been brainwashed to believe. I've fasted more often since reading your posts. Thanks for your knowledge. My health is in my own hands."