How Your Music Choices Affect Fasting & High Vibing

Free Minds with Survivor Manly
Free Minds with Survivor Manly
How Your Music Choices Affect Fasting & High Vibing

Music is a powerful tool, it’s sound, vibration, a vibe, which means it can shift your outlook, your vibration, your frequency depending on how your’re relating to it. In this quick discussion with Chris Manly, Free Minds Podcast brings awareness to the power of music, and to supporting your choices, whether to fast or feast, by making some tweaks to the music your tune into.


Free Minds Podcast this is Christo. I was driving along yesterday and I was thinking about how we need to fast from old thoughts, old ways of thinking. Because those old ways of thinking, even if we are not directly thinking about food, we’re thinking about things from the past memories, songs.

Certain songs are connected to eating, driving along eating. You know, sitting at an event and eating and remembering that and then when we get down, we want to bring that feeling back so we reach for that food. And I realized that it’s not just the, you know, traumas and remembering these times around the table, but it’s also very, very strongly the music that we listen to, that keeps us addicted to food.

If you really think about it, music is so powerful, as Sarah’s saying as well. And when we listen to that low vibe crap from the past, not only does it has our […], not only does it have our minds thinking about old, weak ways that we had before, and ways that we were exploiting ourselves, but it also has us still connected to these old foods.

It’s crazy.

It’s powerful.

It’s something… something to consider. And I noticed that when I am cruising around, it’s usually the only time I’m listening to music is if I’m driving. It’s just me, see an old conditioning thing. When I’m driving around I’m thinking about, you know, things that are connected to the music I’m listening to a lot of times. And when I listen to this music that I’ve never listened to before, that I only heard in movies, usually, you know, classical, Lord of the Rings, type stuff, and yet type stuff and there’s a bunch of other artists that I’m starting to find because I’ve you know, I’ve started listening to Enya and Spotify throws other other artists in there and other songs and it’s cool because I think I’m still listening to Enya but I’m actually not and yeah, you know, not the singing part but the style the music.

So music IS powerful, and it will either keep us connected to the old ways, or it will drive us forward. And when I’m listening to this new music that I’m listening to now, it makes me feel high vibes. It makes me feel like I’m floating like a god, and my thoughts are unlimited at that point. They’re not hindered by the old thoughts.

It’s amazing and I suggest to people to give it a try, it will help your fasting.

It will.

~Chris Manly

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