Free Minds Podcast Intro

Free Minds with Survivor Manly
Free Minds with Survivor Manly
Free Minds Podcast Intro

Introducing Free Minds Podcast with Survivor Manly, Empowering You to Level-Up To The Divine Force, Resonating Love, GOD that You Are Meant To Be!

Listen in to Chris Manly discuss of the Free Minds Podcast and true freedom in a world designed to keep you weak both mentally and physically.

Podcast Transcript

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The Free Minds podcast where I will be rambling, and ranting, and talking, and discussing, and musing, and thinking, and laughing, and maybe even crying, about the process of going from weakened individuals, to the very divine beings — call it God, if you wish.

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It’s what Jesus calls us.

“Does not your scripture say ye are Gods?,” when He was speaking to the Pharisees.

What was meant by that?

Did it mean that these people ruled over others?


It meant that these people could not be ruled over.

That’s what God means.

That’s what being a God means.

Everything that is done from birth to death ensures that the vast bulk of this population remains ignorant and weak and needy and afraid. But I aim to change that.

I aim to change that, and that’s what this podcast is about. There are many aspects to freedom, physical, mental, spiritual, many, many ways. My way.

My first way, the way that I know comes first is your mind has to change.

Initially, you have to decide:

  • I am done being a victim!
  • I am done blaming others.
  • I am done looking to outside of myself for something or somebody to save me.

…and I’m going to save myself just like it’s always been, just like it’s always been.

And you know what? You don’t have to wait for death to be saved.

You can start right now, but first you have to change your mind and decide that you love yourself enough, that you care about yourself enough and that you’re not worried about what other people think.

This is love, love of self.

Once you decide that you are going to love yourself, you change yourself. We have been denatured since birth in so many ways from the very birthing of us as babies.

And every day since, we’ve been pushed into drugs, addictions, addiction to food, the biggest addiction. There is addictions even to drinks. And I’m not just talking about alcohol.

Our body is a temple.

Our body is an amazing electrical generating, healing, intuitive, strong, fast, adaptable machine. But we are not taught this.

We are not taught this. We’re taught everything, but we are taught how to be obedient.

We are taught how to work for others.
We are not taught how to work for ourselves.
We are not taught how to truly better ourselves unless it involves finances, unless it involves us making money for other entities, businesses.

And it’s time to change that.

You guys, this is the old paradigm. These are the old ways.

There’s a new world coming, right now! You can feel it, you can see it. A lot of people, a lot of people are waking up right now because they see what’s going on.

They’re starting to find out the truth, that the medical industry never gave a shit about them. It never cared about them. The medical industry has been there to exploit you.

That’s it, and to keep you weak and to keep you ignorant about your very own body. The only thing you truly, truly own in this world, your body is the thing that is most neglected.

All these other things that really mean nothing.

We put so much money, energy, and time into them. For what?

For what?

But the body itself, this thing that just wants us to treat it right, just wants us to get out of the way. Stop damaging it. Love it, care for it, and it will care for you.

It really does.

And so many people are finding this out.

And it’s so simple.

It costs you nothing.

You don’t have to spend anything to have the most perfect health, absolute, most perfect health.

So this is where I focus.

This is where I mainly focus is the physical, because the physical, in essence, really is the spiritual. Because once the physical is clean and light density drops, pain goes away. All these things, you discover that the body was the one thing that was really keeping you from your highest self. That was really keeping you from that connection to God, your connection to your spirit.

Because you were attending to your physical.

You had to worry about it. It burdened you. It pained you. It caused you to not even want to live. But it should not be that way.

And I have proven this with my own life. I am not just talking about something I’ve read. I know what we are meant to be. So that’s my main focus.

But the other, the other focus that I have is just us being free in all aspects. Us not obeying, not obeying us, realizing that the only authority over us is our self. We are the only one responsible for our choices. And when we make them, when we make them in accordance with natural law, which is very much in your heart, it’s a natural thing for you to do.

It’s just that you’ve been pulled from it. You’ve been stressed out with this life denatured. As I say, we don’t walk around barefoot. We don’t let the Sun touch us anymore. Many people were scared of the Sun. We’re scared of the air. We’re scared of everything, just like we’ve been taught.

Well, you listen to enough of my podcast, and I’m going to change all of that.

So this is what my podcast is about. Tune in, and I will come back with much, much more.

Thank you, everybody.

– Chris Manly

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