Where are these mythical fantasy weapons and how can I obtain one?

Note how in the movie, Starchaser: The Legend of Orin, the hero character, whose name is Orin, wields the mythical fantasy weapon, The Flaming Sword. This is nothing less than an outright metaphor for a de-calcified and fully functional Third Eye.

Archangel Auriel or Oriel or Uriel, whichever spelling you prefer, is often depicted holding the flaming sword, again, a metaphor for a fully functioning and ‘awake’ Third Eye.

Luke holding his pineal gland, a.k.a. his “Light Saber.” Notice his last name is “Skywalker,” which is another reference to one who has a fully functioning pineal gland, the ability to astral project.

If you watch Starchaser, you will see it is an almost identical story line as the Star Wars movies. Here again, in those movies, we have another “Flaming Sword,” which only a Jedi can master, but instead is called a “Light Saber.”

In the Anastasia series of books from Russia, she describes her magic power of being able to ‘see’ anywhere in the world, as her “Ray.”

The Staff of Osiris, again a long, cylindrical object to depict the pineal gland.

Super enlarged view of a pineal gland situated in the Vatican’s “Court of the Pine Cone.”

In ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the “Pine Cone” is used repeatedly to depict the pineal gland. As in, the Staff of Osiris.

For ‘some reason,’ The Vatican also is obsessed with the pineal gland. They have a massive sculpture of a pine cone in a place called, what else, but, The Court of the Pine Cone.

Why is the pineal gland always represented by these long, cylindrical objects? A sword, a saber, a staff, a ray, a pine cone? Because that is the actual shape of a pineal gland! Yes, the gland is round, but it is also CYLINDRICAL!

Pineal gland showing the two large arteries which deliver a massive high speed blood flow when in operation.

And it has two large arteries which feed more blood flow to it than any other gland in the body when compared by size.

These two arteries send blood at super high speeds around and around the outside of the pineal gland. Pure water conducts light and the more pure you make your blood, the more light it conducts. The more light it conducts, the more of a light shield, or force field, it produces around the pineal gland when spun around it at high speed. Remember, all electricians are taught in electrical school that distilled water is the only water which will NOT conduct deadly electricity. So keep this in mind, when you desire to protect your body from electronic pollution, and specifically to protect the pineal, for when you run these pure waters through your blood, and it spins super fast and super smoothly around and around your pineal gland, this produces a protective field around the pineal so all outside electrical interference is blocked out and the user can then ‘see’ clearly. Thus gaining, the mythical “power of sight.”

This is why its so important to drink pure DIS-STILLED waters. You want FAST moving water. You want water which is NOT still flowing through your body. When you are using your pineal, the smoother and the faster the blood flow you have, the more clarity you will have in your ‘sight.’

The Gherkin Building
The Gherkin Building in London is the largest public sculpture of a pineal gland on the planet. Not only is it an exact depiction of the shape of a pineal gland, but it also perfectly shows the path of the high-speed blood flow which spins around the gland and creates a light shield against external interference.

Not only does the pineal have water tubing wrapped around the outside of it to provide a force field against interference, but it is also filled with water on the inside. You want this water to be as clear as possible also! Why? Because you look into this water to ‘see’ anywhere in the universe. The rods and cones, for color and light reception, which are inside the pineal gland are oriented to view towards the middle of this water pool. Not outwards, but inwards. When you use your two frontal eyes, your perspective is from the inside looking out, you are the center of the universe and everything else is OUTWARDS. On the contrary, when you use your third eye, your perspective is from the outside looking inwards, you are the whole universe and everything else is INWARDS.

This is why fortune tellers use a crystal ball to ‘see’ your life. They are on the outside and, looking inwards into the crystal ball, they can ‘see’ anything or anywhere in the universe. The crystal ball is simply a metaphor for the way the pineal gland actually functions.

A fortune teller using a crystal ball, a.k.a. a pineal gland, to ‘see’ into someones life.

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