A common inquiry people have is whether or not the Distilled Waters can handle Mercury in the body.

The answer is yes, BUT everyone and every situation is different.

TO BE SURE, the Distilled Waters WILL ALWAYS MAKE SOME IMPROVEMENTS, but the amount of improvement varies with each individual case. The condition of the fillings, the strength of the immune system and the quality of diet all greatly affect each person’s experience.

Some people notice improvements as thought they had no mercury fillings at all, like this…

“I start everyday with almost a half gallon of distilled water first thing when I wake up. I wait for 15 minutes and then ‘the flush’ happens, lol. I love the way it keeps me regular. I have not changed my diet, although I do eat less than I used to, I eat southern food everyday, like barbecue, grits collards eggs bacon and sausage but even with that, when I changed to distilled water I lost about 30 pounds. I also have eight mercury ‘silver’ amalgam fillings in my mouth I am 67 years old and have had them most of my life. Since beginning on distilled water I have noticed disappearing all the joint pain I had been having. It had been increasing in its terrible aggravation over the past decades and I was not looking forward to it getting worse with time. It was when I was complaining about it that a friend of mine suggested I start drinking distilled water. I noticed it wasn’t as bad within three weeks of switching to it , but two years have gone by and it s not even something I thnk about anymore I just don’t notice it now. ”

and this…

“One of my aunts is full of mercury and drinking her waters [drinking orin] looping every so often. .. and she’s never felt better in her life…and of course she had a few detox symptoms from healing process but it passed and she no longer has migraines, allergies and asthma and she is full of energy! She says she LOVES her pee … she knows that having those fillings in her mouth is not good.. BUT… if she’s feeling great she’s not worried because she says maybe if she where to get them out it might do her more damage than good she doesn’t trust the dentist anymore… and she also told me “perhaps the orin itself is decreasing the toxicity of the mercury. .she also does orin swishing in her mouth 3x a day for 15 minutes. .”

BUT, then again, some people have very little improvement. Even with a gallon a day for months on end some people still experience very bad effects from the mercury fillings, like this…

Two different people on opposites sides of the globe were almost fully following the Distilled Waters knowledge to the maximum, one for 8 months straight and the other for 12 months straight, and neither one had yet experienced the full-on, Fountain of Youth type effects they were promised.

These two were still in pain. So much pain, that they both had all but decided to give up. They were very discouraged, felt alone, misunderstood and alienated. It was hard for them to listen to everybody else’s stories of glee and rejuvenation while they only noticed slight improvements.

Here is a brief about each of the two…

A man with severe osteoarthritis in the knees, considering knee replacement surgery. He loved red wine (fluoride) and green tea (fluoride). I got him to quit both of these and to start chugging a gallon of distilled water per day. He did it straight for 90 days and wrote to me saying he had not really noticed anything. I told him arthritis was particularly stubborn to remove and told him it would only be fair to at least give it 50 weeks seeings how he had 50 years to build up the arthritic damage. He agreed, said he would also try some urine fasting, and I didn’t hear from him for a LONG time. Then, one recent day, I received this letter…

“Hi Andrew

I’ve given the distilled water 50 weeks since I started to have a gallon of water a day. As much as everything I hear you say makes so much sense, I really need to report I still haven’t noticed much difference. Have only missed a few weekends when out of town. Im finding it more difficult than ever to walk down hill and my other measurement of progress, the stiffness in my hands, is the same also.

Anyway, need to see the Orthopaedic surgeon in a couple of months so unless theres anything else you suggest, might have to go ahead with that.”

When asked about mercury, he said he had mercury fillings.

Here is another testimonial…


I have decided to stop the urine. It is just not working for me. I don’t believe anything will truly work for me. I keep reading all these testomonies about people getting and feeling better and throwing their glasses away or their meds away. But it’s just not happening for me and it’s been almost 8 months. Something should be happening or should have already happened by now. I mean 1-1.5 gallons of urine and distilled water everyday for almost 8 months and I’m still over weight, eyes are just as blurred as ever and I may need stronger glasses soon and I’m still battling chronic fatigue and migraines.This is all proof that it is NOT WORKING. I’m glad you and others are feeling or getting better but I feel like this whole thing has been one great big joke on me. I’m glad for everyone else getting better but I’m not. I’m beginning to wonder if I will find anything that will. Namaste”

Like the chiropractor, this woman said she also had mercury fillings. She had four, one of which had cracked open, due to the tooth being so hollowed out from rotting, as she said, “it was more mercury filling than it was tooth.” It was left for a LONG time in this ‘cracked open’ condition in her mouth before she finally decided it was too costly for her to fix and in such bad shape, that she had it pulled. The other three, these are molars, give off bits of ‘filling’ every once in a while when she bites down on something hard. She hears a “crunch” and then she feels little rocks and pieces of mercury in her mouth and has to spit them out.

Mmmmm… tasty!!

To give a complete account, she said she HAD noticed some effects from the pure waters. Even though she had continued to eat meat, her bowel and digestive issues had almost entirely cleared up. Her skin seemed much healthier, her lifelong case of acne had disappeared (some blackheads remain) and even though she didn’t think she looked any better, she had noticed that people kept remarking to her how good she was looking.

So what is going on with Mercury? For me, once again, the automobile engine is a good analogy to use. If you put sugar in the gas tank, it will corrode the engine and shut it down. Once you realize there is sugar in the engine, you clean it out and then it will run fine again. Simple, right? But what if there is not just a one time injection of sugar in the tank? What if, hidden somewhere in the engine, is a massive block of sugar? A massive block of it CONTINUALLY secreting NEW sugar in the engine! It won’t matter how many times you clean the engine, if the original source of the poison is still in there constantly leaking out new poison, the car will NEVER run correctly. You MUST remove the SOURCE.

Get these fillings out as soon as you can afford to. Holistic Dentists are the ones who take the necessary full safety precautions to deal with Mercury toxicity and the associated dangers of the removal process.

Whether or not you can afford to get them out, begin drinking from the Distilled Waters.


Here are some videos about the Dangers of Mercury Fillings…

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