Fasting Support Group Calls

We (myself, you, others who buy/ support the chosen block of time) will use the Zoom App (I am looking into alternatives), and at the times offered below, will commence a 1 hour fasting-support group call. I am limiting my hours facilitating these 1-hour calls, and will adjust blocks of time based on your input. Many of the questions from others will likely overlap, or cover, information you are wanting. I do not waste time, and am quick to figure out situations, so 1 hour will be “dense” with information. You are in no way required to stay on for the duration of the call if you feel your questions have been answered, or motivation sufficient, etc. I feel strongly that the physical reality of a healthy vs a sick body, is critical to one’s personal freedom and sustainability/ longevity, and fasting is the fastest, most complete, really the ONLY, way back to a pure temple and 100% health. Thanks for joining us!

The group call, hosted by me, cost $10/ US to join.

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