I feel strongly that the physical reality of a healthy body is the most critical element to experiencing true personal freedom, sustainability & longevity.

Without your body in a healed physical state fear and weakness more easily seep in. What’s more, you are thus eating yourself into the grave. WE are all breatharians, that were trained to be addicted to “nutrition” through fear and the coercion of the fearful… (yeah, your parents)

Fasting is the fastest, most complete, really the ONLY, way back to a pure temple and 100% health.

I say this from extensive personal real life experience. Whatever I speak on, teach on, coach you on comes not from books and theoretical positions, but real life experiences from myself and hundreds of clients I have coached personally through fasting. You cannot speak fully, on something not fully self-realized. Do not be misled.

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My Fasting Experience

This is my journey to freedom, a journey I now help others embark on, a journey first and foremost about love of self.

My fasting experience starts in 2008, that year I did my first 40 days fast, I had not a crumb of food. Prior to that I was on the SAD-diet complete with “energy” drinks (AKA “liquid crack in a can”).

After that 2 week long urine only fast in 2014 and 2015, then in 2016, 4 months (March to July) with urine only, 99% UT and sips of juice every 1 or 2 weeks for taste (the final frontier in conquering cravings, IMO), then July 2016 to October 2016 95+% UT,

For the next 2 years mostly not eating with only UT, in 2018 tried dry fasting, built up to past 3 days by my 3rd one, which was 120 hours/5 days, then started going to 8-9 days/200-ish hours “hard dry fast”.

You do NOT have to want to be fully “breatharian” (we all are but do not realize it), or doing UT, but just be serious about improving your health. I have done it all and guide you on how to overcome these addictions, because I have done so.

If you’re just starting out I recommend you sign up to my Fasting Support Telegram Group, for $1 a day you get daily support with myself and others serious about fasting for healing.

If you have more serious fasting goals, high level of commitment and desire a personal 1-on-1 coaching experience, I’m available to take private coaching clients. The commitment level requirement is high, I screen clients on a case-by-case basis to determine whether we’re a good fit. Read more about 1-on-1 coaching here.

My Results

Since 2016 I have remained around 150 lbs lean, at 5’8” height. Initially I dipped into the 140 lbs range during the first dry fasts, before my body was used to them, and now I lose literally no weight when not drinking and eating because I hydrate via the lungs and air and am “nourished” by the same.

I do not have cravings for anything, just sometimes want to taste exceptional “no animal-product” food, usually raw. I have had my times of setbacks for sure, but they are the exception.

My state is that of no needs, and I am active, run, do CrossFit style workouts, difficult hikes, all while not eating or drinking, I can do lots, I am never sick, ever! I am never weak, lazy or lethargic. I live my days loaded with life, while I am 51 according to the B-S Gregorian calendar.

We are meant to LIVE a LONG time, and I am going to prove it, if anything to myself, while loving all and enjoying the ride! In this way I have a freedom that very few know, but I am hopeful…

You can read more about my clients and their Real Life Experiences below! 

Real Life Experiences

“Hello team, hello Chris,
My name is Emmanuel from Australia.
I’m blessed to be here, and grateful to have Chris opening the path of freedom for us  
Little intro, have been aware of breath-arianism since the first movie “In the Beginning there was light” (https://www.lightdocumentary.com) came in 2010. 

My parents went to see it and told me about this possibility. Coming from a very open minded background, I considered it as normal and incredible. In 2018, age 28, I did my first breath-arianism retreat by myself following the 8 days system from Akahi Ricardo, followed by a 21 days juice fast, and then did in 2019 another 8 days fast, and created in the same year later the first breatharian festival on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with Nicolas Pilartz, Elitom El Amin, Jasmuheen, Erika etc… helped by my other half and a Polish sister who lives in Oz too.

Completely amazed by this possibility of living of light I thought it was important to create some ground in our country for all the people that wanted to know more about it, and especially to support Jasmuheen that has been badly hammered by the medias for being a pioneer in her country with this lifestyle, or “light-style” ^^. 

Following a few groups on FB, I ended up seeing a post about Chris, and my intuition told me to seriously look at what he does (synchronicities). Now 2 years later, I have acknowledged that he is probably the most knowledgeable, as all of his teachings are connected to a higher purpose, our spiritual intelligence, he is also the humblest and the toughest Breatharian I have talked with, and most importantly, he is an accessible Human, and to what I can feel and say, “Chris got it!” And when you got it, then all of us feel it deeply in our cells that you are the way to follow Brother of light!“

 “Anyone trying to heal anything should try this first simply because it’s the cheapest most efficient way. Chris lovingly engages everyone in the group who posts and gives advice and strategies relevant to their circumstance and we all learn together as one. Very high vibes. No bullshit all honesty and love.”

– Brian B.

“Hey, my name is Iulian, I am a Medical Doctor (neurosurgery) in Romania.

I contacted Chris for a consult because I’ve been following his online presence for a few years and although we were on the same path, he was way ahead of me and I wanted to “pick his brains” regarding his experiences towards long term fasting, healing and transcending all physical “needs”.

Although most of the information he presented was not new to me (because I’ve been studying this domain intensely in the last few years), he has a great way of conveying it so that it molds towards the person he is talking to. I felt listened, acknowledged and “less crazy” after sharing my own struggles with fasting as a lifestyle.

I would like to add that the call with Chris gave me confidence that this lifestyle (one of no food “needs”, shedding of addiction) is doable for me soon (in the next few months), which transformed my view of reality and of myself actually.

It’s not just confidence but trust that we’re not talking about some unrealistic goals, but about concrete steps I can take at my own pace to upgrade my life and my reality, in a very pragmatic way.

I highly recommended this experience and I think that the fee is a very small investment compared to the wealth of warmth, knowledge and experience that Chris provides. I feel very grateful for having such an opportunity, to connect and share with Chris.”

“…You are amazing. Working tp overcome food addictions is so intense and the outcome second to none. Your learnings are priceless and everything I read I’m working to reprogram my mind. Going against the tide of society, being pioneers in our current day is beyond challenging. Thank you. Please send blessings my way and to all of consciousness to undertake this magical, beautiful lifestyle you lead. ❤❤❤❤
Jodee A., South Africa

“I LOVE YOUR WAY OF COMMUNICATING 💝🤗🙏, very honest and straight forward, giving plain simple and concrete details of your journey. That to me is very inspiring and trustworthy. I congratulate you on having managed to conquer all major food addictions and attaining that amazing level of freedom you now live and enjoy! THAT’S WHAT MAKES A REAL HERO!!”

Monica S., USA

“…I can certainly say you are a loving, caring being, with lots of experience and wisdom to share. Helping people is your mission and passion, for sure.”
Sara T., USA

“I have received health coaching from Chris and have had such good results. He is incredibly supportive. It’s been a very positive experience for me. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”
Carol T., Australia

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