Croatia Retreat Sep 18 – Oct 1, 2020

-I trust in freedom and independence from any “man”-made supplements or “foods”, and I also trust in our super-hue-man (Greater-Light-Being) abilities, plus our “no needs” ability, as gods (“the Kingdom of God is within”). So, I will impart all that I have tested and therefore know, to all who hear me. I know that I am a catalyst for many to change their entire life, and that is my mission, to be that catalyst, by using a great environment in Croatia, in a home that sleeps 8, within a rural village near the beautiful mountains outside of Zagreb, for physical (“fasting”, unfooding, “breatharian”)/ mental/ spiritual growth, including some other aspects of gaining freedom… More info resides below the video backgrounds…

PRELIM: We are 50% booked – CROATIA RETREAT INFO – almost 2 months of guidance in total (explained below), LOTS of time to transform yourself:

DATES: (14 days) – Sep 18 to Oct 1, for the 14 day retreat. (7 days) – Sep 18 to Sep 24, for the 7 day retreat. It’s looking 50% booked so far (three 14 days spots, and one 7 day spot, with six 14 day spots total, so 3 are left). Please CONTACT ME if you are interested.

ARRIVE in Zagreb, Croatia Sep 17, 2020, and DEPART Oct 02, 2020 (or Sep 25 for the 7 day retreat, unless you are further vacationing of course, as it is a beautiful country)

—->PRIOR TO THE RETREAT: Once booked and a 20% deposit is made ($1,300 for 7 days and $2,300 for 14 days. Contact me and I will send a PayPal request that you can pay with a card)

The below format ensures a personal tailored preparation plan before attending the retreat…

COACHING CALL #1: I will schedule a 1 hour coaching call with you upon booking a spot, to get you started/ prepped for this hugely transformative 14 days. Each guest will have a one hour coaching session by phone, as soon as possible after they have committed to attend the retreat.

COACHING CALL #2: Between Sep 9 and 11th, I will follow up with a quick call to see where you are at with your preparation, offering more motivation/ guidance, to see how you are getting on with the agreed preparation plan, and to tweak if/ when necessary

IN PERSON #3: Once you arrive Sep 17th, I will sit down in person and again see where you are at, right before starting the more intensive small group retreat on Sep 18th

UPON ARRIVAL ~ September 17, 2020: 

When guests first arrive I will go through housekeeping and orientation. There will be bathrooms, towels and toiletries. Bring your own soaps, etc. There will be some local information, maps, et cetera. The accommodations are located in a small country village outside of Zagreb. As stated above, I will do short, Individual follow-ups from previous coaching sessions, on Sep 17th when you arrive. The group is small so there will be plenty of time to be set up and oriented. In order to facilitate this smooth and one-on-one orientation, please plan to arrive in the afternoon or evening (not before 1pm), but if feasible/ possible, not after 10pm the 17th of September, 2020.

—ALL ABOUT THE RETREAT: 14 days (a few 7 day options) of fun activities (games TBA), exercise, AM and PM meditation, sun gazing, group discussions, and lots of knowledge imparted (all in the vein of Body-Mind-Spirit FREEDOM), one on one advice, motivation, etc. as I will be around through the whole event, and am happy to help. This is my thing, what I have been doing since the 1990’s, but now you guys are paying me to do what made others uncomfortable. Its funny how times change and the universe leads.

FASTING TYPES FOR THIS RETREAT: UT/ dry/ distilled water fasting will be facilitated and guided

Nothing is “mandatory”, participate in what you like to. Discussions will be done in a circle-sitting-style, no podiums or elevated stages that we have all been trained to accept (“looking up” at the “speaker”, “leader”, “tyrant”, haha, …dry ice and “leader” rising up through the floor, elevated above you, haha, nope…), basically free and fun and comfortable to discuss and express

~I will be putting all of my effort and energy into this~

Most days:

Sunrise-morning: Meditation\ Sungazing Session, followed by group discussion, updates on how we feel

Daytime/ Afternoon: Relaxed, with one-to-one chats/ instruction/ motivation, exercises, games, hikes, walks, whatever we decide, plus of course, FASTING!
Evening: Sundown Meditation/Sungazing, followed by discussions, “how has the day been”, expressions of gratitude, manifestation


We have 2 bedrooms with 3 beds per room. There is a washing machine/ dryer, bathroom, etc. There will be towels/ bed linens, but please bring any of your own if desired. 

MOBILE PHONES: Will not be in use during the retreat: All guests will be given an emergency number, ideally a landline, but if not, my mobile number (US +1 TBA), for possible emergencies. There are too many distractions in life, and this one will be very disruptive to others if people are browsing social media, chatting, etc. It is time to go within. We should all make the most of this “retreat”.

I am exploring the option of limiting mobile phone usage: i.e. no use during the day and/or evening.

The only liquid refreshment will be your own holy water (orin), or distilled water (please see above “fasting types”).

Other NOTES: We will have a good meditation area (we will use the same area each time, as this helps build positive energy), will have some pleasant walks/trails as well.

Any seven day guests will arrive for the first week of the retreat (Sep 18-24, arrive Sep 17, leave Sep 25).


1-“No-Gym needed” Exercises…
2-Emotions and their effect on “appetite”
3-Dry Fasting and Autophagy, what happens and why, going deep on this one…

4-Earthing\ grounding
5-Energy chi/ prana etc
8-Will power
10-Mind control
11-Immortality (life of a cell, don’t die of “natural causes”)
12-Urine therapy
13-Immune system (How modern medicine has never cured anybody, it only deals with symptoms and not the root cause of illness)
(more is being added, suggestions are welcome, this is for you)

Hilton Hotema (our cells need nothing), Leonard Orr (immortality), Dr. Filinov Dry Fasting studies, and others…

Games (some related to exercises)

The only “timetable” for each day will be sunrise and sunset meditation\ sun gazing\ mid day group discussions. Therefore day one (September 18) will be somewhat repeated for the 14 days, but of course during the day as I move about, I will be motivating/ helping out/ informing anyone who needs it

Discussions or Readings on particular days will be decided once I have a feel for the group dynamics, and their requirements/ desires.

Even though there is no strict timetable, there will be relevant discussion topics to engage in.

*Any activities or workshops are optional for guests*

SUPPORT FOLLOWING THE RETREAT: 5-6 group (Zoom) calls for the 2 weeks following this retreat, for further guidance… So all in all, this is almost 2 months of guidance included with the retreat, including 2 weeks of intensive and fun group fasting in between. This is very unique, and the retreat will be unlike any other, dense with info and transformation, plus motivation. You WILL leave as a transformed and empowered being, powerful!

if interested. Chris Manly

Additional Pictures of the area are coming…