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Please read on, this forum is for all aspects of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual health, though the facilitation of Fasting, all types, is the Main focus.

Unlimited access for questions, responses and discussions, moderated closely, and responded to by our members, and Chris Manly, plus Mark English. Time and energy will be shifted from arrogantly-controlled social media and their energy robbing, censoring ways, to THIS. I encourage EVERYone to start doing the same, we WANT others out there doing this. This is NOT a competition, as We are rooting for/ cheering for, US ALL.


 When you are ready to be serious, and get your information from other experienced forum members, plus Myself and Mark English in the forum on the daily to respond to questions and assist you on your journey, helping you to unlock your highest potential, then this is the place to be.


We will have a literal library of all related subjects for you to quickly access and search out within this forum. The cost for daily support for your fasting efforts, and everything else listed, is $9/ month.


  • SEARCHABLE LIBRARY SUBJECTS WITHIN (this will be ongoing for some weeks as we upload EVERYthing we have): All fasting types, Breatharian/ Pranic living, Orin Therapy, Raw/ Fruit, etc. | Parasite Removal | Meditation | Breathwork | Physical Fitness: Exercises, Plyometrics, Freedom from gyms, etc. | Mental Fitness: Handling Depression, etc. | Freedom!: Physical, Mental, Spiritual | Lifestyle advice: Minimalism, “You need nothing from stores except for some very basics if you choose”, choosing the right products for earth friendliness, Lists of foods that do not use salt, also the companies who make them, and much more. 

Years of our work and energy will be at your fingertips, organized by subject and sub-subject, in the form of videos, audio, text and images, .PDF’s, podcasts, ALL of it, AND of course, daily support from Mark and I, for your growth. The cost for daily support for your fasting efforts, and everything else listed, is $9/ month.