Andes Mountains, Chile – Retreat Dates TBA, 2021

-Our Physical Freedom is the foundation to our experience here in this material reality. Without it, we are beholden, and dependent upon others. It is crystal clear to many that health is of the utmost importance, especially in these times of covid BS. I want to help you get to your best/ strongest health. I have lived the struggle, pushed past the obstacles most of you face when trying to resist temptation, I have gone through the detox symptoms, and reached a point where I no longer need to eat (as of May 2016), or even drink (as of August 2018).

I trust in and KNOW freedom and independence from any “man”-made supplements or “foods”, and I also trust in our super-hue-man (Greater-Light-Being) abilities, plus our “no needs” ability, as gods (“the Kingdom of God is within”). So, I will impart all that I have tested and therefore know, to all who hear me. I know that I am a catalyst for many to change their entire life, and that is my mission, to be that catalyst, by using a great environment, now in the beautiful and pristine Andes Mountains of South America, for physical (“fasting”, unfooding, “breatharian”)/ mental/ spiritual growth, including some other aspects of gaining freedom… More info/ details are coming…


ANDES MOUNTAINS, CHILE – RETREAT INFO – more than 10 days of guidance in total (explained below), LOTS of time to transform yourself:

DATES: (10 days) – TBA, in 2021, for the 10 day retreat. Please CONTACT ME if you are interested.

ARRIVE in TBA (to be closest to the retreat location) TBA 2021, arrive at retreat location TBA, and DEPART TBA, 2021

—->PRIOR TO THE RETREAT: Once booked and a 20% deposit is made ($TBA for the 10 days, so 20% will be $TBA. Contact me and I will send a Pay request that you can pay with a card), I will ensure a personal tailored preparation plan before attending the retreat…


COACHING CALL: I will schedule a 1 hour coaching call with you upon booking a spot, to get you started/ prepped for this hugely transformative 10 days. Each guest will have a one hour coaching session by phone, as soon as possible after they have committed to attend the retreat, offering motivation/ guidance to prepare.


IN PERSON: Once you arrive date TBA, I will sit down in person and see where you are at, before starting the more intensive small group retreat that next day. We will be juicing the first day, and talk about what is coming for the following 9 days.


Please see the Florida Retreat page for an idea of what will be happening at the retreat.

PLEASE CONTACT ME if interested. Chris Manly