Acapulco 2022


What you need to know...

Place: Playa Bonfil, a small beach town adjacent to Acapulco International Airport (ACA)

Dates: March 13-21, 2022 (retreat days are 14-20 March, arrive 13 March and depart 21 March)

Mission: To show and teach the new world warriors what their capabilities are, remove weakness, discover truths about ourselves, add knowledge, ancient wisdom, share experiences, heal and detox, empower, encourage… ALL WHILE distilled liquids fasting, resting, meditating, having group accountability and support, plus real-life mind-blowing proof of our human/ spirit power. Everyone who has attended any of my retreats or guided fasts have stated that it was anything from “a perfect healing environment”, to “the happiest days of my life”. People who attended my Florida retreat will be tagged on my next Instagram and FakeBook post RE the retreat (those that are on Instagram or FakeBook).

Included: All of the above plus a Personal Consult with me prior to the retreat, basic hotel room (see picture gallery, you will likely spend some time here if new to fasting, as this is your private space which I have come to find is very desirable when going through detox and healing), my daily in-person guidance (me there to explain all that is going on person-to-person, and to answer questions, concerns, listen… I will also do the same in group settings (all of which emboldens you to move ahead without fear)… Of course fresh coconut water and orange juice (all are a distilled liquid) for the liquid fast (you may use orina as well, or spring water if desired <–*not recommended since not distilled, but supplementation with this water is ok since distilled water for drinking is NA in Mexico). I have learned to not “plan” too many activities. There will be some breath work instruction and sun gazing, also meditation, but I keep it light on structure when going through detox and healing, as the main idea is to heal and detox. After day 5 we will be stepping up the activity with Wing Chun training. I am flying in Junior (Wing Chun teacher) and Daniel, both of whom will facilitate learning Wing Chun.  There will be daily readings from Man’s Higher Consciousness as well,  (which I personally consider to be the most life-changing work I have read), and group accountability/ sharing. Some people end up resting all day… anything you do is up to you.

Value: Priceless

Cost: $2,250 per person (1/2 down or other arranged amount is needed to hold your place, with the balance due on arrival)

Step 1. Personal Consult Prior to the Empowerment Retreat

Once your spot is held with 1/2 of the cost sent, I will do a full phone consult with you prior to the retreat, in order to help prepare you to be ready so that this is a great and more effective experience. From past retreats, I have found that this initial consult is best, even necessary, so that people are already familiar with fasting, and to a great extent themselves, so that their week with me is most productive and effective. One example of the value in doing a consult at least 2 weeks prior to the retreat is Nicole, who started distilled liquids fasting 21 days before my November 2020 Florida (USA) retreat, so that she would approach 1 month fasted by the end of the retreat (this was her desired outcome). She was able to be around a great group vibe, and my in-person guidance, plus readings, meditations, learning Wing Chun, etc., all while detoxing and healing through 3+ weeks of her fasting journey. She was at near 30 days fasted by the end of the retreat, leaving for home with all of that experience and renewed strength. Where will you be at? Maybe you require a different protocol? No matter, I will make sure that no matter where you are at, you will have the best protocol to make sure you experience maximum healing, and a smoother time getting through the week of retreat fasting March 13 to 21 in truly sunny and very warm Playa Bonfil, south of Acapulco, Mexico.

Step 2. Follow consult advice at home leading up to the Retreat...

Using advice and information from the personal consult, prepare yourself physically, mentually, and spiritually for the coming week of Empowerment in warm and sunny Playa Bonfil (about 30 minutes from the actual City of Acapulco, but only 10 minutes from the airport, ACA).

Step 3. First 5 days of the retreat, what to expect...

Arrive March 13 and check into your Hotel Room at the Villas del Mar Hotel, then March 14-18 expect sunshine and blue skies, warm tropical air, a huge and very walkable beach, meditation, sun-gazing, group discussions and readings, REST (you will likely choose a lot of this as you detox and heal), and more...

Step 4. Final 2 days of the 7 day retreat, what to expect...

More of the above empowent and discovery (Step 3), PLUS we will learn and participate in a teaching/ workshop on the "martial" art called Wing Chun, which involves harnessing supernatural power, from a true master of this art, Junior, and Daniel. I will be posting some videos of this art. The preceding days of fasting and learning, our group high vibes, plus knowledge and preparation for a more independent life, have made you as ready as you can be for this training, where with your right mind set, you will discover one of your "super"natural power (it is "natural", but has been well hidden from us). March 19-20 are the days we engage in this empowerment.

For more info or to grab your spot, contact me through the website, Instagram, Telegram, FakeBook messenger, or, email me: chris at snowforecast dot com. I usually limit spots so I can be as available as possible to everyone.

To check out the area in pictures, see my website created for this area,

Pictures from the Hotel

I know the owner and have been coming to Bonfil since 2019 to surf. This is one hotel where I know I will have availability, and it is kept clean and the grassy, vegetated grounds manicured. There is a kitchen area also, but all we will be doing there is maybe squeezing some juice.  Rooms are simple, and some come with A/C. I personally find that a fan is all I need for comfort in this climate, which is “tropical and hot days, mild nights”.

Hotel and Beach/ Area

More Area Scenes

Surf Shop and Beach

Additional Notes/ Info/ Etc

If you were dying and someone could give you perfect health, you would give your last penny for it. The thing is, it is not available for purchase, but by your hard work (and honestly, it is not “hard work”, as your up until that point neglected-body is doing all of the work).That someone who makes this happen is YOU, now, not “later”. You have a million excuses as to why you “can’t do it right now”, but none of those would matter if faced with debilitating “illness”, caused by your continuing bad choices. I have 14 years of fasting experience dating to 2008 with a 40 day liquid fast, and intense mostly fasted life since March 2016. I shed food addiction as of May 2016, and have no more thirst addiction as of July 2018. I know ALL of the excuses, but now I know ALL of the benefits once I stopped making those excuses. Anyone who attends my 7 day fasting retreat will gain much knowledge, have guidance, know what is going on inside their own bodies as they embark on this quest for true freedom, which is becoming much more critical in these times. Learning, healing (I have literally Seen this as it was occurring), sharing, educating, high-vibing, empowering; -physically -mentally -spiritually, all while either just sleeping in your own private room (many times opted for while healing), or surfing/ learning to surf, meditating, sun gazing (we will be doing this), breathing (I came up with a no-frills but effective way to breathe after reading about what our lungs actually do, and will be guiding for those who want that), or just walking on the warm and sunny beach. This is not a heavily structured 7 days, as it cannot be, as there are too many variables, levels of healing, and goals among a group who is detoxing and healing, shedding addictions. But, shed addictions you will. Ask anybody who has worked with me, I am very experienced at what I do in these times. As a side note, I will also be discussing other ways of being free, which will actually save you a lot of money in your life. I have implemented many ways to save money while being much healthier, in regards especially to personal hygiene. PM me if there is serious interest in the retreat. I may do more retreats at some point, but I am not planning any right now. My last retreat was November 2020 in Florida, and everybody that went to that retreat has really great things to say about what went on there.