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As you heal and recover your limitless physical vehicle, aka your body here are some deeper healing natural recovery wisdoms by Christo Ancient Elite for strong healthy teeth when you do you liquid fast.

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In a time where all the focus is directed towards pointing fingers at who is messing up what, this message from Christo Ancient Elite is refreshing empowering no-bullshit message: “Let’s make this world a better place by making ourselves a better place.”

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Love yourself above all others because that is the highest form of love. If they are your true partner and your true friend, they will still be around as you continue to ascend.

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I would say this is something for everyone to listen to.

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Are you dealing with smelly breath, tooth & gum issues and cavities? I would listen to this!

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Tune in and get fired up with Extreme Motivation with Christo Ancient Elite for a Mind blowing theory on sleep deprivation, and our connection to spirit (body + spirit).

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Listen up to this insightful Epic LOVE Download with Christo Ancient Elite. As usual, STRONG motivation that goes very deep. Click to read full description.

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This is a question that comes up fairly regularly: should you use cannabis during a fast? Here’s some clear direct and honest thoughts about using cannabis when in natural state with Christo Ancient Elite. 

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Ever wonder what the actual definition of breatharian is? Tune into this interview by Jason Gastaldo, where he and Christ Ancient Elite talk about what it really means to be Breatharian. Listen up and be empowered! 

Duration: 00:46:52

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In this reading of Lesson 24 in Hilton Hotema’s Man’s Higher Consciousness” Chris includes some in-depth commentary on how he reached “breatharian”, WITHOUT “breath work”. 

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