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Listen up to this insightful Epic LOVE Download with Christo Ancient Elite. As usual, STRONG motivation that goes very deep. Click to read full description.

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This is a question that comes up fairly regularly: should you use cannabis during a fast? Here’s some clear direct and honest thoughts about using cannabis when in natural state with Christo Ancient Elite. 

Duration: 00:07:30

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Ever wonder what the actual definition of breatharian is? Tune into this interview by Jason Gastaldo, where he and Christ Ancient Elite talk about what it really means to be Breatharian. Listen up and be empowered! 

Duration: 00:46:52

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Extreme motivation, now! Thoughts on the breath need, or un-need, of it. You have never heard it put this way before, I guarantee you. If you are feeling down and need a boost right now when you are fasting, this is it right here. Duration: 00:12:42

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Why do you care to heal? What trials are you setting out to overcome? Listen in to this highly motivating speech by Christo Ancient Elite on thoughts you do not usually hear; immortality, doctors and their gag-order known as a “license” with motivation peppered-in throughout. Duration: 00:14:15

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An empowering motivational speech by Christo Ancient Elite for you to remember: “The time to remove all temptation and other things that do not serve us, is and has been here, now!”

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