Your input on the next Fasting Retreat

Join Christo Ancient Elite for another one of his highly effective, massively impactful Fasting Retreats. There are limited spots. You WILL be motivated and will get through the fast. Included in the price is a prelim contact with Chris to get you set to arrive in a fasted state.

Date: Late October or November (to be determined)

Place: (to be determined) 

Price: (to be determined)

Vote if you are seriously interested

Where should this retreat be held?
What time frame?
How many days should we evolve together?
What type of setting should this be?


Here's what some of my previous fasting clients have said.
George S.USA
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“I see you as an inspiration brother. You prove to everyone we don't need as much food as we've been brainwashed to believe. I've fasted more often since reading your posts. Thanks for your knowledge. My health is in my own hands."
Karen K.USA
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“You are so motivating and encouraging. I’m looking forward to doing some extended fasts and complete lifestyle change after the holidays! Actually both me and my husband. We are committed. Thanks for all your wisdom. You’re helping so many people ❤️”
Kalliopi Tskinia
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Thank you so much Chris! Eventhough I have heard you say similar things to others when they are down and always feel boosted myself, reading your words now that I'm here really means a lot.

Your frequency which is imbued not with the hardness of being small but with the unwavering resilience of love has such a profound effect on this part of our and my journey. I's humbling to me and I don't just say things like this left and right.
Kerry Vale@kerry93065
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Chris is amazing! He's one of the few people I know that's open and honest. And packed full of wisdom and knowledge. He's been a huge blessing in my quest for health. Just get a good vibe around the guy. Just had a 3 day in person training with him and the course was invaluable! - Kerry Vale

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