Subjects Covered:

1-Do I need to prepare my body for this type of fast? It’s recommended…
2-Weight Loss ~  Why do we “lose weight” (shed waste) during a dry fast, or in a long term fasted lifestyle?

3-What makes the “dry fast” the most effective protocol in healing for the entire body?

4-“But I am losing too much weight!” Are you?

5-Will I “gain weight” back if in a long term breatharian/ dry fasted lifestyle? [a scenario/ example is give here]

6-What does science say about this, the mostly dry fasted, breatharian, “no needs” lifestyle?
7-You have never heard this anywhere else before…

8-We are all breatharians, with amnesia, and the worst drug addiction, ever.
9-What are the different types of dry fasts?
10-What has the author’s experience been, with this dry fasting protocol?

1 – Do I need to prepare for this?
It is recommended, highly.
The body is not going to try to kill itself, as this is demonstrated in EVERYthing the body does; scab up wounds, fight infections by raising the body temperature, etc., sometimes just in the local trauma/ damaged area. The reason that it is recommended to “clean up” prior to starting any dry fast protocol, is the fact that this is an intense, fast-acting (the fastest you can undertake) way to cleanse the body of toxins, and rapidly destroy all but the 100% strong and useful cells in your body. Since this is such a rapid process, your organs, if weak already from other ailments (and you may not know you have these “ailments”) may become overburdened by the unusually large amount of toxins (compared to what your system is used to) exiting the body, rapidly. This is especially true if you are coming from a poor diet initially, and even more so if you have been on medications. This is one big reason, that it is highly recommended to clean/ detoxify the colon and other organs prior to undertaking this type of fast, as these toxins could, in extreme cases, overload the body’s ability to expel the toxins safely. If you are looking for specific protocols, based on your specific situation and need, goals, feel free to contact me for coaching ~HERE~
Quick Tip: It is wise to use long term fasts of other kinds prior to dry fasting, as 1, the addiction to eating should be broken, 2, the colon needs to be emptied for best effectiveness, and 3, you want to be as detoxed as possible before rapidly pushing out the toxins in your body. To me a long term fast = at least 3 weeks with no food and just juice or water, or BEST yet, Orin Therapy, Shivambu, which I term “the bridge to breatharian”.

2 – Why do we “lose weight”?
To start, it must be said that you cannot “lose” what you were not meant to have, what you were not born with. What is happening is more accurately described as “waste shedding”. You are literally shedding waste when “losing” weight. According to cellular biology, our cells, of which there are trillions, are destroyed and rebuilt daily, every split second. This takes a lot of energy to accomplish. Once we stop eating food, and especially combining that with not drinking water, the process becomes much more effective and rapid. Any weak and damaged cells are literally incinerated, and fast, once the condition called “autophagy” sets in. Autophagy can be felt, as the body temperature increases (incineration of cells, much like a “fever” is the body’s way of destroying bad bacteria), AND as we feel weaker. So if you have visible body fat, those will be the first cells to go, since a fat cell is merely a toxin encased in a protective (to the body) layer of fat. Also handled at the same time but slower, are all other damaged, weak, toxic cells in the body. Not all of them will be disposed of though, as it takes successive long term fasting to accomplish this. If you continue to eat unhealthy, you will fight a continuous battle of having to replace the weakest cells, as you continue to create them at a greater rate than if you were hardly eating, or eating minimally and healthy. So in a nutshell, you shed waste (lose weight) due to toxic body cells being destroyed. A common misconception is that we “lose weight” because the body is somehow “feeding” on itself. This is borderline silly, as EVERY other action the body takes to preserve itself goes against this notion. Our bodies are seemingly smarter than we are! Once you “slow down”, and you will when the body is all blocked up by sediment from food and water (another article on distilled water needed), an increasing number of your cells are then aging and not being replaced fast enough. This is when you are “going downhill”, dying.

WARNING, VERY EMPOWERING MESSAGE AHEAD: There is NO proof that we HAVE to die. People just do it because they follow lies about health and NUTrition.

3 – How and why is this the most effective protocol? Before I start, another question, is what do you define as “effective”? This will vary widely. Is it fat loss you are looking for, curing a “dis-ease”, ridding yourself of a cold, healing a physical trauma to the body, etc.? ALL of these are most effectively handled by this protocol. If you are looking to “unfood”, not need food anymore, truly lose the “hunger”, then other fasting protocols are critical, prior to this type of fasting.
What makes denying yourself food or drinks (soft dry fast), and if a “hard dry fast”, even also NO water contact, the most health-effective protocol you can undertake? It’s simple, “survival-of-the-fittest”. If you can manage 48 hours of this protocol, your body goes into a state called autophagy. You can feel this, it is powerful, your body temperature and heart rate goes up, but unlike most “fever”s, the whole body gets warmer, and you may even sweat, as damaged and weak, ready to be destroyed and expelled cells, are incinerated by heat which the body creates using a LOT of energy, energy that the body now has in large amounts since it is not expending that energy digesting food, which is one of the most energy-robbing activities that the body undertakes. Fat literally melts, and the water from the cell it came from, very pure, is used to cater to the healthy, fresh, young cells in the body. The cells that need to go, are denied anything to keep them alive. The body is amazing like that, as it smart b o m b s/ targets the bad cells, out. The toxins left over from prior toxic cells are expelled via gas (“burps”, “farts”), excrement, sneezing, etc. A dry fast is estimated to be 3x as fast in healing and losing weight, as a water fast, so for example, 1 day of dry fasting should equal 3 days of water fasting. I disagree. This is not so cut and dry as a 1:3 ratio of effectiveness, as there are things a dry fast can do that a water fast will NOT accomplish. One of these is full autophagy. As long as you are indiscriminately “watering the garden” (the “garden” being ALL of your cells, good and bad) during a water fast, you help to preserve some of the cells that need to go, AND you are also helping to preserve some parasites as well, high level type, who can survive even when there is no food.

4 – “I’m losing too much weight”… Are you?
Who’s standards are we basing this on? Who’s perception, if we are basing this on looks? Have you heard the term, wiry? Have you ever experienced, either in sports, fighting, or otherwise, a person who looked “skinny”, but was seemingly as strong, pound for pound, as steel? We have become used to the “fluffy” gym muscle, the non-working muscle, the “fat” muscle, “marbled meat”, which is what many people mistake for “gains”, bulk, but is actually a LOT of inflammation, and which then means, a lot of toxic cells built up. Guess what, this “muscle” will be lost gradually with fasting, and good riddance. Real muscle is much nicer to look at, use, have, and easier to build, plus carry around. When you have lean muscle, truly lean muscle, which can be had with fasting, you carry yourself with much more energy, speed, endurance, and durability, also strength. This type of muscle does not “tear” so easy, become damaged, or otherwise traumatized, plus it is much more protective of your skeletal structure, and cartilage, as it holds these in place strongly, with minimal weight to carry by the frame. Take a look at many MMA fighters now, as many of the best look “skinny” compared to recent standards, unless they are just heavy weights. In a nutshell, your body will create, through fasting and good physical activity, what you are meant to be, what works best, what gives you the best ability to be filled with energy and endurance, needed strength…

5 – Will I gain “my weight” back while in a dry fasted lifestyle? 
Maybe, maybe not. I can tell you this though, ALL you will “lose” (shed), are pounds of damaged, weak, and aged, toxic cells, ONLY. These cells are not only your fat, but damaged muscle cells, damaged cartilage cells, damaged blood cells, damaged skin cells (the theoretically last to go, are the damaged skin cells, as this is seemingly a less critical thing than say, bone mass or teeth, muscle, especially vital organs. Skin is the largest organ in the body), damaged BONE cells, damaged teeth cells, etc, everything. Yes, all of your body that needs replacing, will go over time if doing this as a lifestyle, and these cells carry a weight to them en-masse. Once these cells are removed, they are replaced. One thing is certain, the body will not remove something vital and not replace it right away.  Whatever you use, speaking of muscle, will be kept, and if damaged, will be removed but replaced. What is not needed or used, will be removed for good. Oversized gym muscle will go away, as most of that is “inflammation” (damaged, toxic) anyway. If it is your goal to keep fluffy “muscle” at all costs, even if it is toxic for your body, move on from this article, as this protocol will not serve you. If however, you wish to only have what the body uses, in terms of muscle, then keep reading. You will keep your muscle if you use it. Fat, visible body fat, will be gone. There is no use for it, as ALL visible fat is nothing but toxins wrapped up in a protective layer, whatever the liver, being overburdened by toxic foods mainly, could not handle when these toxins entered the body.
Here is a scenario for those interested in why people get “skinny”, like really small and seemingly no visible muscle at all when fasting over periods of years. A guy fasts off and on, and is always tired. He is always tired because even though he is fasting, he mixes in a lot of eating and “toxing” in between these fasting periods. By doing this, and never pushing on a longer fast, he keeps most toxins, and is mostly weaker due to the fasting periods of detox. He is unable to be very physically active due to this, or just chooses to be inactive, and thus is not “working” his muscles. Those muscles go away as they are unused, they “atrophy”. Once in that state the muscles are no longer needed, and are cleared out by the body.  These muscles can be built back, but will be muscle you are not as used to seeing, it will be the “wiry” type we used to see when guys didn’t have to be bulky to be “strong”.  People can often be surprised at how strong a seemingly “thin” person can be. Its because if they use their muscle and stay clean, they have quality, strong and dense muscle fiber.

6 – What does science say regarding this topic? If you trust the “science” of nutrition, than much of this will either be new to you, and ridiculous, or you will have an open mind and see what “nutrition” has done for us as a society, and look deeper, and back, to science before industrial control of our society started to fund it, expecting favorable (to the industries) results. The food industry may as well be called the drug industry, and modern science, especially the “science” of nutrition, depends on the “new information”, which states that our cells are fed by nutrients, whereas science from prior to full industrial industry control and funding, stated that the cells were fed by what is in the air. Hilton Hotema in “Man’s Higher Consciousness” (click here for free download) quotes the top scientists of the late 1950’s/ 60’s, who said the same. Here is a link to the .pdf of Hotema’s highly acclaimed work, which has changed the lives of many, many people. Hotema was able to access some ancient information to gather up what he wrote about: Long living people, no food needs, etc.
In the modern book “Essential Cell Biology”, it is stated, “…how the living cell works:
…how the molecules of the cell—especially the protein, DNA, and
RNA molecules—cooperate to create this remarkable system that feeds,
responds to stimuli, moves, grows, divides, and duplicates itself”. Even modern “science”, according to this book, admits that the cells “duplicate” themselves, and even “feed” themselves. Download this book, <here>

I go over my experience with long periods of no food or water, some discoveries, and mind-blowing revelations, which I would consider “science”.

7 – You have Not heard this before, well, most likely not…
This may sound crazy, but, while in a dry fasted state, your body will destroy ALL weak, damaged, toxic, and otherwise “aged” cells. Yeah, you have heard this before, but… 

I said ALL cells. Most people go into this type of fast, the true fast, the most intense, and easiest in terms of simplicity, wanting to lose weight fast. Basically, to lose fat. This is accomplished very rapidly, even between 1 and 2lbs (.45 to .90 kilos) per day, for some people who have done this. This includes muscle, bone, flesh, blood, tendons, TEETH even, et al. Imagine, taking a wrecking ball to the “old” you, literally. You are literally rebuilding yourself. It is no wonder the m edi cal industry not only hides this from you, but makes it seem as if you will die from it, as the body “eats itself”. They betray their own “science” with this ignorance, but, real science is not what they are interested in…

8 – We are all breatharians, with amnesia, and the worst drug addiction, ever.
This is an “extreme” statement, but it is true. Food is merely a stimulant. Our living cells, living, need living nourishment, and I am not speaking of even fruit, but the air itself, processed by the lungs. The air contains, in gas form, every ingredient we are made of, in living form. The “breath of life” takes on a whole new meaning, and I am far from religious. Below in point #10, I will relate some personal experience that has proven (and continues to prove) to me that the above statement is true. Hilton Hotema in his work, “Mans Higher Consciousness”, uses the cellular biology/ science of his day (late 1950’s/ early 1960’s), quoting the top main stream scientists, to prove this very point, that our cells are in no way nourished/ kept alive by our solid and liquid intake. For some audio clips of this work 
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9 – What are the different types of dry fasts?

Soft Dry Fast – No food or drinks, nothing passes the mouth, but you still brush teeth, shower, swim, etc, water contact. The body will, initially before adjusting to a longer term dry fasting lifestyle, soak up water like a sponge, as you feel very dry initially, thus this is not quite as effective, though very very effective, much more so than a water fast.

Hard Dry Fast – No food, drinks, or water contact at all. This is the top level, the pinnacle, the toughest and fastest way to kick the crap out of all weakness in your body.

Before attempting this, please read point #1 above, very important.

 – What has the author’s experience in “dry fasting” been like…? Where do I begin? I will save much of this for my book, which is in the works… My first dry fast was in June of 2018, AFTER 2+ solid years (not saying you need this) of mostly not eating, and going 7 months of almost no food, March 2016 to October 2016. I was VERY clean. The first attempt was a 44 hour total, hard dry fast. The second, same kind, was 48 hours, after a day break. I then attempted 3 days, 72 hours, in order to push to the point that we are told by modern “science” that we are supposed to die. I took a few days break and did another 72-ish hour dry fast, and another, many 2 to 3 day types. I wanted to push past the 3 days and see what happens, as I had read and listened to some breatharians talk about this. (more detail coming)


Lastly, an audio rendering of this whole article, read by myself… Christo (not updated yet)