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Obstructed Colon

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Our colons have never been perfectly emptied since birth. What medical Science calls normal health is in fact a pathological condition. The body's intelligence only awaits an opportunity to eliminate the waste stored up since childhood. Disease is only the process of elimination...For the ordinary person it will require from one to three years of systematically continued fasts and natural, cleansing diet, before the body is actually cleansed of "foreign matters".

Paraphrased from "mucusless diet healing system"

There is Hardened Mucus Plaque stuck to your intestinal walls....stop trying to eat’re wasting your money. You ever wonder why certain “superfoods” don’t give you that heightened energy that you destine for??? It’s because your body cannot assimilate nutrients properly. You must focus on elimination before eating healthy. You don’t eat your way back to’s all in the first herbal cleanse and then intermittent fasts, proper breathing then eating fruits. A full body herbal cleanse frees your body energy from the toxic overload...after the cleanse with living in discipline your body now has more energy to heal itself. Herbs are a kick start... that is all.

It is of the utmost importance to understand that when first dealing with ‘health’ and ‘well-being’ one must first think of cleansing and elimination. From the day we were born our parents fed us denatured foods… forcing our bodies to adapt to the unnatural habits of eating and culture of our country. All of your life you never gave the body time to truly eliminate and cleanse the vital organs… along with the blood. As we spoke before ‘disease’ is the body’s last-ditch effort to contain a poison to save your life. The problem is not disease… the problem is not your body… for the problem originated from within the mind. It is the incorrect thinking that must be corrected

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It will be beneficial for all! Keep up the good work.



I've always had a problem with that. Thank you for clarifying the reasons for the body's intoxication.


Nice post, thank you.


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