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2. Dehydration

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1. Urine-Orin... Ultrafiltered Blood Plasma
2. Young Fresh Coconut Water

3. Watery Fruits - Melons, Berries, Pears...etc

4. Distilled Water 


The body is made up of water, so living foods bring water and dead foods absorb water. Imagine a slice of bread in a cup of water, you are not gracefully ‘aging’… you are just dehydrated.

Acidic foods absorb our bodies water and deprive our organs and cells of oxygen. No oxygen, no life! Imagine rice, pasta, bread, chips, potatoes, crust, tortillas, cookies all sucking up our water! This is why we get wrinkled.

When it comes to SEVERLY DEHYDRATED people... We automatically assume that the best thing to do is to make them drink A LOT of water....however this must be done gradually as it is unwise to give them the recommended 6-8 glasses per day. In a state of dehydration the kidneys and the rest of the body hold on to water... this is the reason why people that are dehydrated crave salt or salty foods because the body needs more salt to hold on to the little water it has left. The cells create a barrier in order to save water by making the membranes less penetrable to water diffusion. The excessive amounts of water suddenly drunken will only stagnate outside the cells and lead to water retention and weight gain. This can cause severe lymph congestion, swelling and disturbance in brain function and much more.

Excess Mucus needs Excess Water to get it out. The body secretes mucus so food substances can slide out through the 'piping system' much easier. Think of it as a lubrication... much needed right? However due to obstruction and overeating excess mucus is produced. If the production of mucus is much greater then the elimination... the body starts STORING mucus away to contain the poisons efficiently before it has the opportunity to expel it out. This "Storing Away" method is mislabeled as "Disease". Excess Mucus is why the body gets "Thirsty"... the cells want excess water to wash out the mucus. Thirst decreases as one as less mucus. The less Mucus you have the more excess Water becomes a TOXIN... the more mucus you have the more excess water becomes a NECESSITY.

99% of the body cells is made of water and this water is NOT H2O....the body is H3O2. It takes time for the body to restructure the H2O you put in...into H3O2 so the cells can absorb it and hydrate you. Structured Water...Crystallized water. Water that can hydrate you faster cause that's what the cells contain.... Check out this book called "The 4th Phase of Water PDF"... can be found for free on internet.

True Water is STRUCTURED water...and Structured water has a hexagonal molecular structure. Notice how the "Snow Flake" NATURALLY forms into a hexagonal structure?

"Structured Water is water molecularly arranged in a fine crystalline pattern. As it is a CRYSTAL it acts as a carrier. The small hexagonal arrangement pattern makes it fit into biological reactions in nature and urine is composed of structured water and it improves all enzymic activity in the body"

Words in Quotations from Book "Jubbs Cell Rejevenation: Collodial Biology"

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When a person is dehydrated, the kidneys and the rest of the body work together to retain water... this is one of the reasons why individuals who are dehydrated seek salt or salty meals because the body need more salt in order to retain the little water that it has left. The cells construct a barrier between themselves and the environment in order to save water by making the membranes less permeable to water diffusion. Increased water retention and weight gain will result from the large volumes of water that are quickly consumed, since the surplus water will simply stagnate outside the cells. This may result in significant lymph congestion, edema, and disturbances in brain function, among other things, as well as other complications.


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