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I Let My Suit Talk for Me
I Let My Suit Talk for Me
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Late Saturday night I’m catching the last train back to my place. It was one of those nights where I had a lot on my mind about decisions I needed to make and how they would hurt someone I may care about. Gmac and I decided to suit up. He was wearing a three piece blue number with a news boy cap reminiscent of a young Jason Statham getting ready to pull of a job in some seedy London underworld scene. I was rocking light grey and blue plaid United Colors of Benetton number (three button), krispy white button up unbottoned no tie. Both rocking pocket squares because we are civilized. But then we parted ways.

Anyway the train finally arrived and I boarded immediately in the open seat on the left close to the door. I was viewing texts on my phone and looked up to the right corner to noticed this ok blonde and her Persian friend sitting in the corner seat and talking to your typical white guy from VA who was coming back from DC. She was wearing this short black dress, red fuck me pumps, red lipstick, ample cleavage and a tacky fur coat. She was a cute 6.5 but because of her slut gear got bumped up to a seven. Her legs were crossed knees facing away from me towards her girl. We locked eyes and she gave me the biggest smile. I grinned back then looked away as if not that impressed. Then I’d look back while she was conversing with her friend and dude for a check out and she’d look back up and smile at me again. This went back on forth for a few stops and I’d catch her pointing at me and whispering to her friend about me. Eventually while starring at me she smiled crossed and uncrossed her legs so that her knees where towards me.

The only thing I couldn’t figure out was what the hell the dude had to do with anything. Who was he with? It became painfully obvious that he was a random drunk guy who ended up there trying to run game on the blonde. A few more stops go by and it’s his, I breath a sigh of relief when he gets up and gives the blonde the most beta hug man has ever seen and gets off. I look at blonde and smirked. Less than 2.5 seconds after my smirk she gets up and moves to the seat directly in front of me leaving her girl by herself, she leans forward and says something to me along the lines of hows my night going. The whole thing happened in slow motion as a train full of drunk guys went from intoxicated conversation to church like hushed whispers to see what was going on and what my next move would be.

With all eyes on me and without missing a beat I matched her bold move by getting up and sitting right next to her.

“Sorry I couldn’t here what you were saying, I was turning on my phone to get your number…. so what’s your name”

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“It’s E”

VK: (After handshake and my name) Nice E so where are you coming from tonight?
E: We’re coming from Current Lounge (rolling her eyes at the end)
VK: Yeah I’ve been there a few times, what did you think?
E: It was ok, but it was filled with so many douche bags. Where were you at tonight?
VK: My boy and I where jumping around the U, nothing special
E: (her eyes light up) Yeah, I love U street, I wish I could have gone there instead. (Looking me up and down) I like your suite and nice touch with the pocket square very old school.
VK: Thanks, (smoothly) I’d like to think of myself as an old school type of guy
E: Oh really?
VK: yeah I get it from my step dad, he’s an old school cat who’s always on point.
E: (Her eyes light up even more) Wow that’s so funny I get my style inspiration from my grandmother. She probably wouldn’t be too proud of me showing so much cleavage right now (blushing and looking down) (then I looked at them too)
VK: Don’t worry about it you were dressed for the scene.
E: So where are you getting off
(I say)
E: Too bad I’m one more stop over.
(I feel the aggressive sexual advance by her and decide to see how far I can push this)
VK: Oh yeah, well what are you doing when you get home having a slumber party with your girl and your roommates?
E: My roommate is over at his girlfriends place tonight and my friends sister is coming to pick her up from my place
VK: so what are you going to do…
E: probably sleep… why what are you going to do…
VK: I don’t know yet … (smirk)
(She probably realized where this is heading and maybe it was heading there without her control)
E: well I’d invite you over if it wasn’t so late…. (blushing)
VK: No worries that’s why I’m getting your phone number now.
(she gives it to me)
VK: Tell me E are you single?
E: Yes, I am…. what about you
VK: It’s complicated
E: (slight pause) hmmm I don’t know if I like that
VK: (thinking fast) Well I’m too tired and old to lie, it is what it is

We stop at my stop and I get up and everyone else in the cart does that thing where you look away pretending you weren’t listening to someone else conversation. Most of the dudes where still looked at me with mouths wide open like did that just happened? I turned to her, shook her hand and said it was nice meeting you E.

I slightly panicked because I knew better than to bring up the question of if she was single (rookie mistake) like it mattered. I was comforted with my quick response remembering Roissy’s post on “it’s complicated”. I also felt at easy after remembering Roosh’s post on The Mistake Buffer…. HERE. So overall I felt good. I got a little greedy and wanted more positive feed back, a nail in the coffin that she was bout it bout it. I remembered Roissy’s other post about same night texts to gauge the girls interest and possibility of flaking. So in the cab on the way to my place I sent a feeler text.

“This is old school, just wanted to make sure you had my phone number also”

Sure it was weak sauce and even slightly beta, but what the hell it would be medium mistake, according to Roosh I get two of them. Fifteen minutes later she texted back.

“Thanks for that, I liked our conversation, I hope you call me soon”

So there you have it. I didn’t say a word, my suit game was so vicious a girl got up from her seat AND her friend and came to strike up a conversation with me. Chances of that happening is very low. But the thing is when you roll suited up… your game speaks for it’s self…. swag out.

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