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One small step at a time Guide To Write a Response Paper


Have you been sleepless for days because the response paper assigned to you has been traumatizing you for days? Is your deadline approaching and you are still clueless how to write an effective and comprehensive response paper? Does thinking of a response paper give you goosebumps? Are you constantly scoring zero on your response essay because you could not justify it in front of your professor? Then you as an essay writer are at the right place because this blog would help you learn alot about how to write an effective response paper.


Pre-Writing Tips for a Response Essay 

By now you might have understood the definition of a response paper. It’s time to dive into the method to write the response paper effectively. You might be thinking, “how should I write my essay?” or you have even begun to brainstorm about it. Similarly to a writing project, you should begin to review the resources and the content itself.     

The following steps need to be followed while pre-writing a response essay. 


  • Engage with the Research Content 

You have to pay full attention to the text. You have to make a list of the remarkable, essential or interesting details. Give it a thought about how you will make connections with all the research content you have encountered before.  

  • Analyze or Brainstorm

As you have completed your engagement with the text, you need to further proceed with how the text made you feel initially. Then you have to organize the details into a more cohesive and coherent way. 

  • Craft a Thesis

You have to shrink your ideas into a broad range idea. It will become the thesis statement of your response essay. 

  • Establish an Outline

This is the time when you are supposed to back your thesis statement by providing supporting arguments to Dissertation Writing Services. Keep in mind that all the points which you have presented need to be pointing towards elaborating or defending your thesis.   

When you are about to write a response paper, you need to follow steps to create a lasting impression on your reader.

  1. Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph of a response paper is the main idea or theme of the research work which states your response to the theme of your essay.

  •  If you are writing a four to five page document, your introduction should be one or two paragraphs. If the paper is short in length, the introduction needs to be limited from five to six sentences. 
  • You have to introduce the topic in your introduction to justify its relevance to the content you are going to discuss in your response essay.
  • You can also include your own perspectives or views regarding the topic on which you are writing. 

  1. Summarize the Work   

The response paper should not be centralized on the summary of the work. Determining the proper length of the summary is still hard for an essay writer. However, following are some of the tips for determining the length of your essay.

  • If you are writing a five to six page document, your summary should be about two paragraphs in total.
  •  In the summary you should elaborate the content of the research work as well as present the response essay with the main arguments or perspectives of the response paper. 
  • The summary needs to be analytical instead of narrating repetitively. While you are presenting the details of the argument or the author's work, you should always use an analytical tone. Some students find it hard to write a response paper and a professional paper writing service can help a lot in this regard. You need to mention appropriately how the author has stated those perspectives in a precise manner.  

  1. Discuss and Present the Argument  

 At this stage you are supposed to be reacting to the stated topic on the basis of your intellectual level. Essay writer service can make use of different paragraphs regarding the advantages or   

disadvantages of a certain strategy. You can also state how you agree or disagree with the 

author. You can write a lot of paragraphs to state your response. 

  • The aforementioned response format can be used when you are describing a single argument or a theme. This format however is never preferable when you have to explain multiple themes or ideas.
  • Support your analysis with paraphrasing or include quotes. You have to ensure that every example is cited properly. 
  •  If you have taken textual evidence to back your responses at this phase, this is the easiest section of your response paper. You have to organize your argument comprehensively and state the detailed arguments to your position in the paper. 

  1. Wrap up with your Conclusion

The last part of a response paper is to write your conclusion in an effective manner. This part includes restating your position.  

  • If you are writing a five to six page paper, a single paragraph to state the details of your argument would be sufficient to state the concluding details. If the paper is short in length, you can limit this paragraph to four or five sentences.
  • You can also describe how the content of the research work has a significant impact on your research topic and the community or genre of which it is going to become a part.  


Learning by examining examples is a good technique. Examples demonstrate how a response paper ought to show up once they have met the standards. Consider pursuing dissertation writers like engineering. You study the manner in which something works by separating something to its fundamental parts. Hence, a response paper needs to be divided into these categories to create a comprehensive essay.  

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