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  1. I have fasted before and I eat "clean". I'm starting to ween off coffee today and then I will do the fruit fasting.  I started using cannabis 10 years ago for insomnia but now I use it recreationally. I know it's  a crutch for me and it needs to go. I don't want to take on too much but I also long to be free. I'm open on help to break these addictions to coffee and cannabis.  

Hi Holly, sorry so late with this reply, I will be more attentive to these posts. Its unbelievable the amount of stuff I have been trying to do. Use raisins and orange juice in place of those other stimulants, AND, figure out why you are desiring those things. If you want a direct help, I can do a consult with you. If you are on WhatsApp or FB Messenger, message me at "Chris Manly (whatsapp) or Chris M Manly on Fakebook, and I will send info on that.

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I used to snack on raisins and orange juice, in place of the coffee, before ditching that also, but it does add good amounts of fruit sugar, which is much better than those stimulants you mention. I am sorry for the late reply.

ah, I see I answered this twice...

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