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Food Combining Chart


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  • You must understand the body’s enzymic limitations on the digestion and different combinations of food. It does not matter how good the food is for you… you can virtually waste it all and get no positive benefits if combined improperly with the wrong side dishes. This is a step b step guide on HOW to eat not just simple WHAT to eat. Eating Scientifically is important for conserving Nerve Energy.
  • REAL FOOD is NOT addictive by nature only POISONS are addictive… think about that has anyone ever jonsed or begged on the side of the street for an apple? Begged for an orange? Have you ever met someone completely addicted to fruits and veggies? The answer would be no. Real food gives you a different kind of stimulation to the body…. A vital stimulation where it does not rob the body of its own minerals and nutrients. The reason humans become nutrient deficient is because of the constant eating of COOKED food. COOKED food has no nutrients. no enzymes… virtually useless to the body. The body see’s cooked food as an antigen and develops a self defense mechanism against it. The self defense mechanism is wrongly called ‘DISEASE’ by the false doctrines of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry.

    To digest this dead material the body then has to use it OWN minerals, enzymes and FLUIDS to properly eliminate the substances. Also causing the body to produce more mucus to ‘slide’ food out of the body by properly lubricating its piping system. Cooked food simply dehydrates the body…AND THIS IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL DISEASE… CHRONIC DEHYDRATION. Why do you think people get wrinkles as they get older?? Its not from ‘aging’ it is from chronic dehydration. Its like a dried-up prune with no fluid showing wrinkles.


 Food Combining Chart

Hello Mark, great post. What do you think of eating greens? are humans meant to be eating greens? also im on my laptop and cant see the image as its so small, can you please send it to so I can view it. Ive tried enlarging it. Thanks

@Blu3berry Greens are not something we are supposed to eat, overall, in fact we are not supposed to eat anything on a regular basis, if we want maximum health. I will let Mark reply to the rest, but this is my experience and info on the subject.

Hi mark i cant see the image you posted. Please can you enlarge it or email it to

I was on a fruit only diet and then winter started in the UK, I started consuming warm food like soup.

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