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Toxemia Explained

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DEFINITION of Toxemia and crises of Toxemia:—In the process of tissue building— metabolism—there is cell building— anabolism—and cell destruction—catabolism. The broken down tissue is toxic and in health—when nerve energy is normal—it is eliminated from the blood as fast as evolved. When nerve energy is dissipated from any cause—physical or mental excitement or bad habits—the body becomes enervated, when enervated, elimination is checked, causing a retention of toxin in the blood or Toxemia. This accumulation of toxin when once established will continue until nerve energy is restored by removing the causes. So-called disease is nature’s effort at eliminating the toxin from the blood. All so-called diseases are crises of Toxemia.


Attached is an Excellent Read on the Foundational Understanding of how Toxemia is Contained, Stored and Eliminated out of the body. Remember family if the body is not is STORING toxins in the deeper tissues to protect the major organs and not allow toxic substances to circulate through the blood stream too rapidly. Things like "Cysts", "Tumors", "Stones", "boils" are the body's last ditch effort to containing deadly poisons. Please take your time to and enjoy this beautiful read :). When the body is detoxing it is only releasing what it has been storing all along.

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How do avoid the accumulation of toxins?


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